Can not choose between the scents of the beard oil and the beard balms / wax, Or do you doubt to choose a beard oil or a beard balm / wax? Then make it “simple” for you!

Through these testers / samples you can get acquainted with the scents of Baerdschmeer and 
Baerdschmeersel line. You get all the scents of the Baerdschmeer and the Baerdschmeersel!

So that means you can try the scents of Mahogany, Vetyver, Oakmoss, Citrus Blend and Karma!

And then you know for sure if you are more of an oil or a balsam / wax beard guy!

It is sent in a mailbox box, so that saves in the shipping costs.


"A small part intended to show what the whole fragrance line is all about"

Product Description

Beard oil in 5ml bottle with pipette
Beard balm / wax in a 15ml can

It has a traditional men’s fragrance, with a strong mahogany top note combined with lime grass and basil.

It has a smell that you should always smell in a “traditional barber shop”, a strong aftershave fragrance with lemon, sandalwood in combination with notes of flowers and musk.

Oak moss:
A fragrance that reminds you of the scents of a forest when the net has rained. A top note of oak moss combined with notes of lavender and geranium bourbon.

Citrus Blend:
A stronger smell, a top note of orange combined with notes of lavender and clove. A lovely warm scent!

Deep, seductive and sensual! patchouli, orange, lavender, pine oil, lemongrass, elemi, and gardenia extract combined with lemon, sandalwood in combination with flowers and musk.


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