Snor Schmeersel


A sturdy mustache wax to model your mustache. Whether it is a dali, handlebar, pencil or a supermario … Mustache Schmeersel does his job!

Deliberately chosen to keep it odorless, because the combination of natural Beeswax, Vaseline and Vitamin E oil gives it a wonderful scent!

" Life is like a moustache...It can be wonderful or terrible...but it always tickles." -Nora Roberts-

Product Description

Beeswax (Cera Alba), Vaseline (Petrolatum), Vit E oil (Tocopherol). Content: 15ml

“Mother nature itself”: Bees make this wax itself and use it to build honeycombs in which the honey is stored. Contains no dyes, is preservative free and 100% natural.

Vaseline is a soft waxy substance that is extracted from petroleum. In regular medicine petroleum jelly is very popular, it does not spoil, is not allergenic (and is therefore also used as a neutral substance during allergy tests), non-toxic or otherwise harmful.

Vitamin E oil:
Vitamin E is the most important oil-dissolving antioxidant and a free radical trap. Free radicals are very aggressive molecules that can damage the DNA, proteins and cells in your body. In addition, free radicals accelerate the aging process. Vitamin E has several advantages: it ensures a good oxygen exchange of the skin and keeps skin cells in excellent condition.



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