Baerd Packet Karma


A nice “gift pack” to give as a gift, or perhaps to spoil yourself?

The beard oil and the beard balm / wax have a lovely warm scent that smells deep, seductive and very powerful. Typically such a scent that you could smell in a “traditional” barbershop from the bygone times.

In addition, there is in this “gift pack” the Baerd Wassingh, a delicious thick foaming shampoo to clean your beard and / or your face. Because it contains ecological and natural castille soap and castor oil, it not only cleanses but softens your beard and face and at the same time provides it!

It has a wonderful fragrance of Lavender combined with arabic Mint, these essential oils work very healing and caring.


"Revenge? Nah, I'm too lazy. I'm gonna sit here and let my Karma scent fuck you up..."